7 things to remove from your website if you want to rank on Google

Do you know there are a lot of things on your site that sabotage your ranking?

Probably not!

In this blog post am going to reveal 7 things in your site that hurt your ranking and need to be removed.

7 things you should remove from your website if you want to rank on search engines.

1. Outdated content.

2. Number of words per page.

3. Immoderate/ Irrelevant ads.

4. Automatically generated content.

5. Intrusive pop-ups.

6. Irrelevant internal linking.

7. Linking to a spammy site.

1.Outdated content

I have been blogging for pretty much a long time now. As you and I know that Google likes fresh content, according to hostintribunal.com 2020 record, there are over 500 million blogs out of the 1.7 websites in the world.

Not less than 2.5 million blog posts are being published each day, and Google indexes not less than 3billion pages a day.

So instead of you creating a new blog post each day, I want you to go to Google analytics to check all your pages and compare them to how they were doing before, some may be doing well while some may not.

I want you to update all the ones that were doing well, but before you do this, I want you to take a screenshot of the amount of traffic it brings and compare it after 3–6months after the update.

While I want you to delete those that are not doing well right from the day you publish them and have been there for almost 6 to 12 months now.

Because only one post will not rank your page the whole site comes together.

2.Automatically generated content.

This is one of the ways bloggers of today use to get content. If you are among those doing it I pray you to stop it after reading this article.

Google wants you to deliver the best experience, unfortunately, all these tools are not going to deliver any experience.

I always advise bloggers to write the content themselves or pay a ghostwriter.

Because content is the only way to the heart of Google.

3.Number of words per page.

Donkey years ago when pages with 500 words were considered as long-form but know more. Hey buddy!

This doesn’t mean you must write above that or below, but pages with about 1000 words and above and which solve problems tend to rank better.

But if you can solve someone’s problem with just 300 words is better than writing 1000 words which doesn’t solve any problem, but make sure is not lesser than 300 words.

4.Immoderate/irrelevant ads.

When there are too many ads on your blog it increases the load time because all the ads need to be loaded before your content.

When someone visits a blog with excessive ads they easily close the tab because they find it boring, by doing this increases your bounce rate and sends a bad message to Google,

which will enable Google not to rank your site. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use ads you can but use them wisely,

even Google and Facebook do run ads but they blend it with their site which makes it less distractive.

5.Intrusive pop-up.

Pages with intrusive pop-ups provide a poor user experience. This doesn’t indicate that you shouldn’t use pop-ups,

you can but make sure they are either exit or entering pop-ups. (Which will display upon entering or leaving).

6.Irrelevant internal linking.

Everyone knows that internal linking is a good way of boosting blog SEO, but when you over to do it,

it will impact negative effects on your ranking, so make sure you link something related to the post and will add value to the user.

7.Linking to a spammy blog/website.

When you link to other spammy websites, you are going to be caught up in what google calls link skim.

This is very common nowadays where people will say “Hey buddy link to my site, and I will link back to yours.”

This is termed mutual linking. You should only link to websites that will add value to your readers or even if you are paid to do it let your audience know that you are paid for it.


I guarantee that if you follow every guide listed in the article above, you are going to see changes in your site within 3 to 6 months.

Please do share if you find this article helpful.


Originally published at https://www.mybloggingtips.xyz.




We share tips on digital marketing, blogging, digital marketing tools, SEO, and business update. https://perestech.com/

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We share tips on digital marketing, blogging, digital marketing tools, SEO, and business update. https://perestech.com/

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